The Grand Seiko Service Studio

Preserving Your Grand Seiko

In order to preserve the performance of your Grand Seiko for as long as possible, it is essential to maintain the watch with the occasional inspection and overhaul.

Grand Seiko’s after-sales service is done exclusively at the Grand Seiko Service Studio by technicians with advanced skills and expertise. They are responsible for the entire process from start to finish to ensure the highest grade of work possible for each Grand Seiko they service. In addition, as long as the parts are still in production, we will be able to replace them when necessary to maintain the proper functionality of the watch, should there be any damage or wear.

Even after a model has been discontinued, we established a system that allows us to repair and replace parts, when necessary, for over ten years. Each watch received is in a different condition depending on how it was used. Grand Seiko’s components are all built with longevity in mind, but sometimes if not cared for properly, parts can wear or sustain damage, which would need to be replaced. Our goal is to provide the best possible service and quality of work while doing so in a timely and efficient manner. We will always continue to strengthen our after sales service to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction.

Grand Seiko Service Studio Movement overhaul parts

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The Grand Seiko Service Studio

The Grand Seiko Service Studio is a workshop specializing in watch repair. Only our Grand Seiko certified technicians are responsible for the maintenance services and final inspections. We take great pride in our work. Please see the video below for an introduction to our services.

Our Services

Grand Seiko Service Studio offers services such as overhauls, battery changes, and “Light Polishing” for most Grand Seiko watches in our Upper Saddle River, NJ, facility. Some services, such as overhauls for certain calibers and Zaratsu refinishing, would be required to be sent to Japan, which will be noted on your service form.
Grand Seiko Movement Detail

Grand Seiko Complete Service

The “Grand Seiko Complete Service” is a repair or overhaul service that includes disassembly, cleaning, reassembly, and lubrication of the movement and other working parts. This service also includes a “Light Polish,” which burnishes the surface of the case and bracelet to restore a mirror finish while retaining flat surfaces and sharp edges. The light polish also includes the refinishing of hairline finished surfaces.

Grand Seiko Battery

Battery Replacement

To replace a Grand Seiko battery is a reasonably simple task. However, that is far from all we do to ensure the highest quality work. We inspect each watch for appearance, hand movement, crown operability, and test for accuracy. A battery replacement also includes ultrasonic cleaning of the case and bracelet, band adjustment, adjustment of screws, and inspection of water resistance.

Grand Seiko Polishing

Additional Repair Services

  • Strap or Bracelet Replacement (NJ)
  • Light Polishing (NJ)
  • Repair Polishing for nicks and dents (Japan)
  • Zaratsu Polishing (Japan)

Instruction Manual

Product-specific instruction manuals are available for each caliber number. Please check the caliber number (4 digits) engraved on the case back of your watch before viewing.
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After purchasing your Grand Seiko, the Grand Seiko Boutique or Authorized Dealer will register your warranty online. You will then be eligible for the Grand Seiko warranty. Any possible manufacturer defects that occur during normal use, per the instruction manual, within the warranty period will be free of charge. After the warranty period has expired, we will check the condition of the watch and adjust it once you have approved the repair quote.

Warranty Period

  • The warranty period for products sold after October 1st, 2021, is five years from the date of purchase.
  • In addition, Grand Seiko watches purchased from January 1st, 2021, forward will also receive a 5-year warranty period to be applied when repairs are received at the Grand Seiko Service Studio.


  • The watch movement, case, and metal bracelet are covered for manufacturing defects that occur during the manufacturing process.

Exemptions from Warranty Coverage

Repairs or services will come at a cost to the customer in the following cases:

  • Band repair or replacement of leather, silicone, cloth, or any strap material other than metal.
  • Failure or damage due to incorrect use or carelessness.
  • Failure or damage due to improper repair or modifications.
  • Failure or damage due to natural disasters such as fire, flood, or earthquake.
  • Changes in appearance that occur during use (case, crystal, minor scratches, etc.).
  • Regular disassembly, cleaning, reassembly (overhaul), or repair of the movement when the Grand Seiko Service Studio determines there is no problem.
  • If the warranty card is not complete and does not contain the date of purchase, name of the dealer, etc., or has been rewritten.
  • If the warranty card is not present.

* Photocopies of Limited Warranty are not acceptable.

Warranty registration and warranty search for customers

You can check the warranty details of your registered watch here.


Customer Service

Please contact us below if you have general inquiries or need help with your Grand Seiko timepiece:

Grand Seiko Corporation of America – Service Studio

2 Park Way
Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458
[email protected]

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